God is moving in France! | with David Broussard

Apr 19, 2022

Stephanie welcomes fellow Francophile David Broussard, founder and president of Impact France, for an update on what God is up to in France today. David has an unusual story of coming to faith from agnosticism while studying in France! Yes! It is one of the many parallels between his and Stephanie's story of faith--in uncanny reverse! 

Today we talk about the importance of the truth that Jesus is alive, as foundational to our faith and the cornerstone of Easter. David shares his unusual and inspiring journey of faith, and his heart to come alongside French and American Christians to develop bridges of fellowship and relationship. He talks about his ministry, Impact France, and he invites YOU to join thousands to pray for France for the next three weeks, starting on Easter day. 

David shares some of the most striking and inspiring French ministries impacting French Christians today, including (without prior agreement!) two ministries very close to Stephanie's heart and personal experience: Alpha France and The Chosen France. 

Join the conversation at impactfrance.org and prayforfrance.org

You will also find Impact France on Insta at @pray.for.france or on our own Insta account, from which we follow all our GospelSpice guests!

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