Find balance between hustling and letting go | with Rebecca George | episode 229

Aug 15, 2023

Stephanie welcomes Rebecca George to discuss the power of embracing weakness as part of our Gospel Spice Wellness series. They share their experience with the “curse of the capable woman”, as Stephanie calls it, and how surrendering our weaknesses to God allows Him to turn them into His strengths. They discuss the tension between achieving for God's glory while avoiding self-sufficiency and how we can open our hands and offer ourselves to God. The conversation shifts to the ultimate calling of a Christ follower to make disciples, and the importance of surrendering one's life to God. The episode also touches on the dangers of constantly doing and the importance of trusting God's timing. Together Stephanie and Rebecca emphasize that embracing weakness is the path to success and encourage YOU to focus on God in moments of brokenness. Rebecca shares her personal experiences with being an overachiever and how surrendering our weaknesses to God can transform them into strengths. Rebecca also talks about the importance of balancing grace and self-discipline in our lives and the ultimate calling of a Christ follower to make disciples wherever we are and in whatever season we are in. They also discuss the Great Commission and the ongoing behavior of making disciples without striving or burnout. Tune in to gain valuable insights on living a life of surrender and obedience to God!

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Some key takeaways for this conversation include,

- We can feel like we have to rely on our own strength to get things done.

- Weakness is what God wants from us, because He already has plenty of strength!

- Surrendering our weaknesses to God allows Him to turn it into His strength. That is the goal!

- Embracing weakness is actually the path to success, because we learn to trust Him.

Stephanie and Rebecca invite you to focus on God:

- Have an eternal perspective

- Fix your eyes on Jesus and worship Him for His character

- In moments of struggle and brokenness, invite God into our weaknesses and ask Him to transform them into strengths.

- The outcome belongs to God, and the obedience belongs to humans.

They also inspire you to balance grace and self-discipline with the following:

- Strive to do everything with excellence for the glory of God;

- Hold both grace and self-discipline closely and not see them as opposing forces.

Making disciples is the ultimate calling of a Christ follower. Together, they add:

- a calling is not necessarily to have a public ministry.

- We can make disciples wherever we are and in whatever season we are in.

- Making disciples is an ongoing behavior, not a one-time task or something to be added to a to-do list.

- Striving to make disciples all the time can lead to burnout.

- Different seasons may require a shift in our time and capacity, and it is important to have ongoing conversations about where we feel called to spend our time.

To conclude, surrender to God is the key! You have heard it before, but it is important to remember:

- Surrendering one's life to God on a regular basis is important.

- It means not producing results on one's own strength or measuring one's own performance.

- True freedom comes from allowing God's spirit to produce the fruit.


  1. How do you relate to the “curse of the capable woman,” (even if you are a man!) and how have you experienced it in your life?
  2. Do you struggle with self-sufficiency or overachievement? How does this conversation resonate with you?
  3. What is your view on grace and self-discipline, and how do you balance the two in your life?
  4. How do you feel about the importance to fight striving? Do you agree with her stance against “Girl Wash Your Face”?
  5. Have you ever experienced a moment of surrender to God in your weakness? How did that change your perspective?
  6. What does it mean to you to make disciples as you go about your daily life? How can you apply this principle to your own life?
  7. Have you experienced moments of burnout? What do you do to avoid it?
  8. How does your personal view of success align or differ from Rebecca’s and Stephanie’s perspective?
  9. How do you remind yourself of God's unconditional love for you and the fact that nothing you do can make Him love you more or less?
  10. In moments of struggle and brokenness, how do you invite God into your weaknesses and ask Him to transform them into strengths?


Rebecca George is an author, a speaker, and the host of the popular podcast Radical Radiance. Her greatest joy is helping women pursue their passions in a way that builds God’s kingdom. In her free time, she loves running outside or trying a new recipe with Garth Brooks playing in the background. You can connect with her @rebeccageorgeauthor on Instagram or at


What is your “thing”? Surely there’s a better way to view it than through a lens of striving and worldly achievement.

You may have a special cause, project, or talent you feel called to develop. Fear and lack of clarity often make it easier to avoid the “thing” than risk failing at it.

Rebecca George is an encouraging voice in your ear to say, “Let’s not waste another minute of the all–too–brief time we have on this side of eternity.” She shows you how to pursue your goal with grace and confidence.

Part guide, part manifesto, Do the Thing beckons you to pursue the passions that stir your soul.

On this journey, you will discover how to:

See your gifts and talents from a gospel-centered perspective.

Prioritize goals related to your calling as you move forward with gumption and grace.

Overcome negative thought patterns so you can brainstorm, develop, and create with the confidence of a go-getter girl!

Today is the day to take a brave step in a purposeful direction, using God’s Word as your compass to do the thing He has designed for you to do. After all, if not now … when?

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