Finally! Freedom from body image struggles | with Heather Creekmore | episode 249

Oct 24, 2023

Today I am welcoming my dear friend Heather Creekmore to talk about her radical solution to body image issues for Christian women who have tried everything. Heather and I talk about our truth vs. God’s Truth – things we think we know, but let’s be honest: when it comes to our bodies and how we perceive them, we are not always thinking straight or biblically. Or is it just me?

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Heather talks about idolatry and how our culture has promoted the wrong kind of body image and fostered idolatry – right under our noses, and much to our confusion. We discuss the cultural rules around food, and the history of “eating best practices” – aka, dieting – in the past 40 years, and how they have wreaked havoc on our faith and confidence.

Now, this is not a conversation only for women! If you are a man, and have a wife, mother, daughter, sister or female friend, then chances are, one or more of them deal with body image issues – and you might not understand it, or know what to do to help. This conversation will be enlightening to you because it will give you insights into our female brain and emotions! You absolutely want to listen.

Heather is releasing a brand new book, titled “The 40-day body image workbook – help for Christian women who have tried everything.” And the title absolutely says it all! So, I think this book needs to make your Christmas wish-list.

So, make sure to grab your copy, in pre-order until December 12, here.

Also, Heather is offering a phenomenal online course which is a deep dive into all the core issues behind body image problems. You will find more at

You do not want to miss this!


 “Hi! I'm Christian body image coach, Heather Creekmore. I was stuck in body image bondage for decades. Now, I want to help you feel more confident and peaceful about your body. I've learned that body image freedom is about so much more than mirrors or scales, it's about what digging in to our core beliefs about beauty, value, and where worth really comes from. As your coach, I want to help you re-frame the way you see yourself, your purpose, and your body. Using the lens of scripture as our guide, we'll journey to a land that may feel unfamiliar: the land of Christ-centered confidence. I can tell you first-hand, there's no better way to live. If you're tired of stressing over your weight or appearance, I get it. I know you're afraid that this won't work because nothing has worked before. But, I promise you, this time will be different.”


More than ever, you are bombarded with intense pressure to meet culture's elusive standards of beauty. And while you know theoretically that God loves and accepts you for what's on the inside, is that really enough to free a gal from the nonstop stress of body improvement?
With humor, grace, and biblical truth, nationally known body image coach Heather Creekmore leads you on a 40-day journey to stop stressing about your body. Full of hands-on exercises, self-inventories, quizzes, guided questions, biblical truth, and healthy tips, this one-of-a-kind workbook will help you:
· go deep to work through destructive beliefs and thought patterns
· feed your mind with God's truth
· release the pressures of image management
· reevaluate your relationship with food
It's time to stop comparing, start living, and find the rest that comes when you entrust your self-image to the Savior. So, make sure to grab your copy, in pre-order until December 12, here.

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