Exclusive Sneak Peek: Easter Week Moment by Moment

gospel spice podcast Aug 28, 2021


Have you ever wondered if you could experience Easter week moment by moment?

This is the seven-day span that is covered in most detail by the four gospel authors, and with good reason. This is the week that changed their lives--and could change yours, too.

How are you feeling today about Easter week?
  • Do you feel like there can't possibly be anything new to learn about Easter? If you've been immersed in the church since childhood, it may feel that way.
  • Or, do you feel on the contrary that you are overwhelmed and underequipped to grasp the significance of this, the single most universe-altering event?
  • Or, does it feel like you should be more excited about Easter, but somehow you can't seem to "get it"?

Either way, my hope and prayer is to serve you by bringing you new flavors in your Easter this year. Who does not need a breath of fresh air right now? Who can't spice up their daily routine just about now?

There is so much more about Easter than we will ever understand.

So I'm humbly inviting you to check out a series of episodes I've created with YOU in mind. As we meander through Easter week moment by moment, I pray you learn something that will draw you deeper into Christ.

My goal is to make you fall more in love with Him--drawing you deeper into intimacy and wonder. My friend, what He has done for you is incomparable.

All you've got to do, is come and taste. Spice it up today.

Interested? Well, here's a complete sneak peek exclusively for YOU of the entire Easter series on Gospel Spice, moment by moment. All you have to do is click on the highlighted link, and it will automatically take you to your default podcast listening app (100% safe and easy!):

Palm Sunday (2 episodes, there is SO MUCH there!): Palm Sunday 1: A wedding in the making! and Palm Sunday 2: Behold our Groom!

Monday and Tuesday: Testing our mettle

Wednesday: Tested, tried and true.

Thursday (Passover): Experience Jesus in the Upper Room

Good Friday (hour by hours with Jesus on the cross, double-length episode): Easter, a faith grounded in reason and in miracles

That's a lot to take in. But I pray you nibble through it all, and enjoy this Easter.  If you liked it, then maybe someone else you know will, too? Consider sharing these episodes with your friends, even forwarding this email! Sharing is Caring!

Happy Easter Week! You are fiercely loved.

Stephanie :)

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