Practicing for Heaven: Cultivating Contentment in the Midst of a Restless World | episode 242

Sep 29, 2023

Stephanie continues to unpack the concept of contentment in the context of rest, and how it relates to our restless souls. She begins by sharing a heartwarming story about her beloved grandmother’s endearing habit of leaving a bit of chocolate on their baguette, calling it the "Chocolate Queen" or, in French, "La Reine en chocolat." It is the little things like this that remind us of the simple joys in life and the importance of celebration.

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Stephanie then delves into the transformation of our hearts and minds, emphasizing that the shape of our hearts and minds determines our perception and experience of contentment or discontent. Through her personal reflections and biblical insights, she invites us to allow God's transformative power to shape our lives, leading to inner contentment and rest for our souls, even amidst the challenges we face.

Stephanie questions why we often strive for achievement before finding rest and contentment. She reminds us that true contentment can be found in Christ's presence, without the need for conquest. The war has already been won! She invites us to examine our own restlessness and discontentment, urging us to find joy in what fits us and see it as enough. She shares practical tips on dealing with restlessness caused by discontent and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing our pain.

Stephanie highlights the deeper spiritual rest that can be found in God's presence, beyond just physical rest. She explores the concept of settling for the wrong "Promised Lands" in our lives and encourages us to identify and prioritize the right places where we can practice for Heaven.

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