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Oct 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alongside Jesus and his initial audience? To experience the fresh spiritual flavors that the Messianic Jewish culture weaves into the four gospels? Well, that's exactly what we here aim to do. Stephanie invites you to dig deep into Scripture, unearthing raw diamonds that may need a little cleaning up, but will ultimately shine brightly.

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We invite you to encounter Jesus in a culturally relevant way. In this episode, Stephanie Rousselle takes you on a journey to understand the gospel from the inside out. We will explore the big picture context of the Bible and uncover the purpose of our existence on Earth. Get ready to dive deep into the text as we seek to unearth raw diamonds and discover the hidden gems within the Scriptures.

In this episode, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of understanding the cultural context in which the Bible was written. Our generation, with its global cross-cultural interactions, has become acutely aware of the otherness of Jesus' culture. And that awareness fuels our desire to comprehend the culture of scripture in a new and profound way.

Stephanie encourages us to consider the global cross-cultural interactions we engage in every day, whether at work, home, or online. She highlights the importance of understanding the culture of Scripture, especially in our generation that effortlessly navigates a diverse and interconnected world. As we explore Jesus' initial audience and their Jewish culture, we will experience the fresh spiritual flavors woven into the gospels.

Drawing inspiration from Tim Keller, Stephanie emphasizes how cultural awareness is essential for authentic Christian living. She reminds us that the authors of the four canonical gospels never anticipated the gentile church that would emerge over the last 2000 years. Just as they navigated a different world, we must appreciate the nuances of their culture to fully grasp the essence of their teachings. Just as they wrote without knowledge of the centuries of gentile church that would follow, we must recognize the cultural nuances they embraced and unfold them within our modern context.

Join us on this guided tour through Scripture as we make the 1st-century Jewish culture accessible to our modern, gentile Western minds. Stephanie's deep knowledge and passion for Jewish culture, combined with her personal stories, will engage and enlighten you.

So join us on this adventure, as we unearth the spices that flavor the gospel and invite Jesus to weave His spirit into our own stories. Gospel Spice is the podcast that will challenge, inspire, and transform your understanding of the Scriptures.

Stephanie's own journey, from being an atheist in France to encountering Jesus and living a life of faith, adds a relatable and personal touch to the episode. Her experiences as a French atheist turned follower of Jesus, combined with her international travels, have sharpened her ability to decipher local cultures and understand the essence of each unique context.

So get ready to embark on this enlightening and transformative journey with Gospel Spice. Prepare to encounter Jesus in a way that resonates with our modern world and discover the richness of the gospel through the lens of Jewish culture. Let's dig deep, uncover the hidden spices, and experience the beauty of the Scriptures together. Welcome to Gospel Spice!

Grab your headphones, hit play, and let Gospel Spice be the catalyst for encountering Jesus in a way you've never experienced before!

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