Embracing Jesus: how do I learn to trust Him even when His way doesn’t seem best?

Nov 10, 2023

Who would ever have thought that an understated miracle tucked away in the pages of Matthew could be the reason that initially led the Pharisees to want to crucify Jesus? Before she tells us about that, however, Stephanie takes us on a deep dive into the concept of discipline. She explores the idea of discipline as tough love, reflecting on her own personal experiences as a mother and the pain she felt when disciplining her own children. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of discipline for growth and teaching responsibility.

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Stephanie guides us through the historical and cultural context of Matthew 12, highlighting how the Jewish audience would have been familiar with the concept of discipline through their understanding of Old Testament prophetic passages. These passages were regularly discussed in the synagogue, shaping their understanding of God's discipline.

Stephanie uncovers the root of the Pharisees' rejection of Jesus, as they sought a Messiah who would promote their own version of Judaism. Jesus' consistent criticism of their approach challenged their expectations. Throughout the episode, she shares her personal story, inviting us to consider our own responses to Jesus as Lord, even when His ways differ from our own. She challenges us to bow to Jesus as King, even when it's not convenient or aligning with our personal opinions.

The episode concludes with a fascinating exploration of Judges 13 and the encounter between Manoah and the angel of the Lord. Stephanie draws parallels between this encounter and the theme of casting out demons, highlighting the power struggle between the spiritual realm and the earthly realm.

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