Do you love Me? | Questions from Jesus | episode 220

Jul 14, 2023

Stephanie is inviting us today to ponder Jesus' threefold question to Peter, "Do you love Me?" This is a familiar passage, and hopefully today you will get some fresh spices to flavor your experience of it. Stephanie explores the context of the question to draw us to consider the context in which Jesus asks us His most insightful questions. He does not need to know where Peter stands - but Peter obviously does. Jesus is asking the question for Peter's sake. Why three questions? How are they different, and how is Jesus expounding on each one to build a watertight calling for his newly repentant apostle? What does this tell us about our own calling, failures, weaknesses, and approach to grace? What do Jesus' commands to "feed My lams, "tend My sheep" and finally, "feed My sheep" have to do with our 21st century calling and mission as believers in our generation?

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We pray you are encouraged and uplifted by this lesson. Please stay tuned for our next episode where Stephanie will explore an unexpected potential answer to Jesus' invitation to love Him!


1. How does the understanding of the commandment to love God and love neighbor as yourself impact our daily lives?

2. How do you interpret the repeated questioning of Peter's love by Jesus in the Gospel of John?

3. How can we use our weaknesses to become stronger in our faith?

4.  How can we share the love of Christ with others around us?

6. What does the passage in John 21 teach us about our calling to serve God?

7. What can we learn about loving and serving God from Peter's journey?

8. How can we practically apply Micah 6:8 in our daily lives?

9. What are some examples of ways we can tend to God's sheep today?

10. What are some effective ways we can share our faith with those who don't know Jesus?

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