Dare to dream as a leader again | with Jo Saxton

Oct 03, 2022

Stephanie welcomes Jo Saxton to discuss issues of leadership, and the general feeling from many leaders today of being overwhelmed, overburdened, and maybe even on the deep end of burnout. What happens when you don’t show up for your calling, because you are too busy or burned out to step into the fullness of it? And what does it look like to be faithful with what we have been given – for the long run? We discuss the perfect storm we have traversed and where we are today. Jo brings wisdom, encouragement, truth and brutal sincerity.

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As women, most of us have more responsibilities than ever — often in BOTH our personal lives and our professional lives. And, yet, many of us might feel like imposters even as the growing responsibilities continue. Many of us might be ignoring, downplaying, or shelving our God-given abilities, influence, gifts, and dreams. Many of us would not consider ourselves to be influential — even though we are impacting so many others for the good. Many of us don’t live beyond our own narratives of what we believe to be true about ourselves. Many of us would feel uncomfortable with the word “leader” — even as we guide our families and teams.



Jo Saxton is a speaker, podcaster,  author, guest TV host and leadership coach. She hosts a digital coaching community and is the founder of the Ezer Collective,two initiatives dedicated to investing in women leaders around the world, equipping them to own their voice, and boldly step into their calling.

Born to Nigerian parents and raised in London,England,Jo now lives in Minneapolis with  her husband and two daughters. She loves the everyday stuff like good music, good food, and good friends.And Target. She really, really loves Target.


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I see you.
I celebrate your gifts, your talents, your passionate hearts and fierce minds.
I celebrate your distinct unique callings in every life stage, your leadership, your influence.
I celebrate your ability to build, contribute and create for human flourishing.
I celebrate your vulnerability, your strength, your potential and purpose.
And I want to guide you towards growth and equip you to rise into your full potential.
For more than 20 years, I've worked with churches, organizations and leaders around the world, equipping them and giving them tools and a process move forward confidently and faithfully.
What I’m most passionate about, though, is empowering women to become more confident, own their voice, and lead more effectively. When women are equipped to lead, they grow and so do the people around them and their respective organizations.
Join me for online group coaching and community that will help you rise up to your next step, your new chapter, your next project, your next discovery about where God is leading you, and so much more.


Many women know they were created and commissioned to lead, but they are often left feeling stuck, overlooked, and limited. After working directly with thousands of women and evaluating my own experiences, here are a few reasons why women in leadership struggle (even in a supportive, encouraging organizational culture):

·         Leadership simply wasn't the primary path for women in previous generations, so we don't always have accessible role models to illuminate our path forward.

·         With the realities of family life — marriage and/or children — a woman's career path is rarely linear. Statistically, it's more likely that a woman will have to take an extended leave from work. This is a unique challenge for women to navigate as they often return to greet a new environment at work with more responsibilities at home. Even if you have a supportive male leader, he can't and won't understand how to navigate the challenges and realities of leadership as a woman.

·         What's expected from women in society, what women are allowed to do in your organization or industry, and what's required of women outside of work, requires different tools, different practices, and a different process for women to develop their leadership.


No leader thrives alone. We all need some help along the way!

Studies show that even as women rise to leadership in the workplace and the community, they still carry most of the responsibilities in the rest of their lives — from parenting to household management to supporting relational connections among family members. This produces a mental load so heavy that it can lead to fractured relationships, disillusionment, and burnout. 

If you want to thrive as a leader, you need your support crew.

In fact, the highest performers in most industries, sports, or life have a coach or mentor. Finding a coach who can mentor you and share their experiences is an excellent investment in your life and your leadership. 

I understand because I've been there.

I know what it’s like to feel and to be told I can’t lead, to be told to wait your turn, to not know what’s next, to hope for an opportunity to contribute in a way that leverages your passion and maximizes your potential. However, I also know how great it feels to have someone believe in me, give of themselves to mentor me, and put their reputation on the line to open up doors for me.

I want to help you rise.

Jo Saxton Leadership Coaching is an online, group leadership coaching program and community designed to help amazing women own and accelerate their development as leaders at work and at home.

My goal is to give you and the women in your organization wings to soar to new places and cheer you on every step of the way.

As a member of the coaching program, you'll get access to a live, video session every Tuesday featuring:

·         Two-hour live coaching session, hosted by me!

·         Mentor interviews from diverse, leading voices 

·         Tactical workshops with expert guests 

·         Virtual community meetups

·         And more!

You’ll also be able to view or listen to every session on your own schedule within our private, online community — exclusively for members of the coaching program.

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