Cultivate childlike wonder | with Catherine Larson

Jul 25, 2023

Stephanie welcomes Catherine Larson to discuss how we can learn from children to nurture a sense of wonder in our own lives, a Christlike childlikeness, even amidst the busy lives of parenting and everyday life with children. This conversation invites all of us, whether we have young children at home or not, to cultivate the wonder that will allow us to enter deeper in intimacy with God every day.

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A busy author, homemaker, and mother of six young boys, Catherine invites us to enjoy how children use their five senses to enter their appreciation for God's creation. She challenges us to use playfulness to enter the world as children, focusing on positive moments instead of frustrations. She shares her own tips to nurture wonder in our kids and in ourselves, like for example the creation of personal space for children to experience quiet time, and taking a Sabbath day for rest and renewal. She reminds us of our God-given need for church community and connection, and the paradoxical use of technology in connecting and isolating people.


1. What are some ways in which children can help us grow in our faith and relationship with God?

2. How can play and experiencing the world through a child's eyes help us release our worries and be more present in the moment?

3. What is your opinion on taking a Sabbath day for rest and renewal as suggested by the speaker?

4. In what ways has technology both isolated and connected you with others, and which of these have you found to be more helpful?

5. How has COVID-19 impacted your sense of community and the importance of fellowship?

6. In what ways do you intentionally seek out opportunities to connect with others and build relationships?

7. Have you ever considered journaling and recording prayers and love notes for your child during pregnancy or the first year of their life? Why or why not?

8. How do you intentionally cultivate wonder in your daily life and with those around you?

9. What does it mean to you to be childlike rather than childish, and how can you practice this in your relationships and daily life?

10. Have you read any books or used resources that have been particularly helpful in your spiritual journey as a mother or caretaker? If so, which ones and how have they impacted you?


“Hi! I’m Catherine, lover of dappled light, and Blue Ridge hues, of closing my days nestled in my husband’s prayers, and of mornings which bud with baby coos and the voices of my sweet boys calling for mama (that name I wondered if I’d ever get to wear). I’m a collector of words, a cataloger of wonders, and a curator of grace stories. Once upon a time (how can a few years ago seem like a lifetime?) I worked full-time writing, but these days you can find me vrooming toy cars across the red rug, slathering peanut butter and jelly on wheat, and carrying baby boy close to my heart. Once bedtime prayers are aloft, I cozy up with my laptop and labor in love to exalt the One who is the most important part of my life. Because if I could tell you only one thing about me I’d want you to know how passionately I seek to love a nail-scarred and risen Savior. It’s this love that leads me here, hoping for you, expecting you. Because here’s the thing; you matter. You matter so much more than you know. His eyes light up at the thought of you. And He loves you enough that He will not leave you where you are. And no matter where you are, He beckons. We live expectantly. Expecting grace, expecting mercy, and yes, expecting trials, pain, and suffering. But we also expect that evil will not have the final say, but that love will prevail, transforming even the bitterest moments into sweetest grace. We live expecting His presence, one day His appearing, and ultimately His absolute reign.”

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Watching in Wonder: Growing in Faith During Your Baby's First Year by Catherine Claire Larson is a weekly devotional journal that will inspire you to record stories and prayers for your newborn as you create a memory book that you (and they) will treasure for years to come. Get it here: 

“I hope women will walk away from Watching in Wonder with a deeper understanding of who God is and how He meets and cares for them in these days of early motherhood,” said Catherine. “A recurring theme in the book is that motherhood is a high and holy calling and that women are nurturing a human soul of inestimable importance.”

Embrace the exhilarating, exhausting, and joy-filled first year of motherhood in the pages of Watching in Wonder as you marvel anew at His goodness and the miracle of life that is growing day by day before your eyes.

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