Becoming like Yeshua & honoring Him with humility and reverence | with Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook | episode 253

Nov 07, 2023

Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook joins me today on Gospel Spice to talk about what is like to be a Messianic Jew today. We talk about his own personal journey of faith, that took him from the West Coast to Israel, Europe and then New York. He questioned faith in Yeshua, only to embrace Him as his Savior more fully and wholeheartedly.

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Today, he shepherds a congregation just outside of Washington, DC, so we talk about the particular challenges of this role in our day and age. His congregation’s vision statement is, “Becoming like Yeshua. Loving our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook shares with me the challenges and beauty of millennia of history and tradition – how do we navigate them to honor God, respecting and learning humbly from those who have come before us? And, how do we do so, without succumbing to the tyranny of man-made religiosity. He will help us understand the facts about the beautiful presence of Messianic Jews in the US, the world, and then also in Israel. He tells us of his heart and passion to tell his Jewish neighbors all over the world about Yeshua, and how we too can share Him with them.

I had a few burning questions for him, and he was so kind to indulge me. For example, I asked him what the church in general can learn from our Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ. His answer is insightful. We talked about how to pray for them, too. His suggestion will inspire you.

And of course, we talked about the current situation in Israel. And there again, his words will invite you to ponder and worship. Indeed, Rabbi Aaron is unequivocal: Yeshua alone is the solution.

So, join us for a conversation that will leave you encouraged, and challenged to share the light of Yeshua around you to a world in much, much need and pain.

If you are interested in discovering Rabbi Aaron’s congregation, and to view the services, you can do so here:

You will find the Ohev Yisrael Messianic congregation here:


Born and raised in Southern California, Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook has known Yeshua his whole life.  He shared about Yeshua to his Jewish and non-Jewish friends in high school.  At the end of high school Rabbi Aaron began to feel that there was more to his Jewishness than just Passover and Hanukkah at his grandparents.

At this time he made his first visit to a messianic synagogue in Philadelphia, his first trip to Israel, and then his first visit to an Orthodox synagogue.  God certainly was moving in his life, revealing to him that his Jewishness was something central to his identity.  He went so far as to begin to live like an Orthodox Jew, including getting Orthodox rabbinic ordination.

Not longer after that Rabbi Aaron knew there was something missing, something more.  While the traditions were great, he craved for more of the Spirit of God and the love of Yeshua.  He left the Orthodox world, and began to seek a way of living an authentic Jewish life under the leading of the Spirit.

His travels brought him to Israel, where he lived for four years, and then to New York, where he met his beautiful wife, Brooke, with whom he has four children.  It was in New York that he was a special education teacher and an assistant rabbi at a Messianic synagogue on Long Island.  After several years of serving in this capacity, he wanted to pursue being a full-time Messianic rabbi, which is what led him to Ohev Yisrael.

He desires to see Jewish people come to know Yeshua, their Messiah, and live their life in service of our Master as Jews full of the Spirit of God. 

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