A personal conversation with Stephanie and Ros | Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice

gospel spice podcast Aug 15, 2022

Get ready for an out-of-the-ordinary conversation today! Stephanie is joined by dear friend and fellow Gospel Spice team member Roslyn Evans to discuss all things Jesus and Gospel Spice. This conversation is like a family reunion, and you are invited! They start off with a fun digression into the world of summer living, apologetics and personal passions, and then also raising kids, laundry lists and more. Then Stephanie gets pretty vulnerable and transparent as Ros asks her all the questions on her mind. A smattering:

What are the concerns you see in the coming year for our world?

How are you getting ready? And what is your advice for us?

How are you doing personally? Give us an update on you and your family.

For those of our listeners who are relatively new to Gospel Spice, can you give us your backstory from atheism to faith? And how did you end up in the US anyway?

What is your heart for Gospel Spice this year?

Stephanie and Ros end with an invitation to YOU our beloved audience, to connect with us because, as Stephanie says, it makes her day!

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