A fresh approach to make sense of suffering | with Benjamin Windle

Aug 29, 2023

Stephanie welcomes Benjamin Windle for a conversation about making sense of pain, affliction, and suffering. Is God allowing it in your life? Why? Is He punishing you? Is He enjoying inflicting pain? Seasons of difficulties will come to all of us - and our faith is no shield against pain. Our faith can however inform our approach and understanding of pain and suffering. Harder still, when our loved ones go through seasons of pain. How can we encourage them, help them see God at work, and not serve them cliched platitude that offer no relief from the agony? How can we have a God-centered approach to suffering?

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Loss of a loved one, of a dream or of a meaningful relationship. Physical pain. Depression. Loneliness. Shame. Affliction. Mental illness. Job loss. Grief is your reality today, in one form or another. And if it isn't, it might be, tomorrow. Benjamin Windle offers fresh insights to those who are experiencing pain and affliction today. Stephanie recommends his new book, Good Catastrophe, to Christians who seek an understanding of pain through the lens of faith, especially if they are relatively new to the Christian faith. 


As a Pastor for over 20 years, Benjamin Windle has walked with many people through the dark shadows and valleys of the human experience. He has dedicated his life to helping people overcome life’s challenges by growing deeper in their faith and reaching higher in life. Benjamin is a new-generation content creator for some of the most respected Christian brands in the world. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindi, and they have three sons. He has a Bachelor of Theology, an MBA from Deakin University, and Executive Education at Stanford University and the MIT Sloan School of Management.

more at https://www.benjaminwindle.com/ 

get the book: https://www.goodcatastrophe.com/

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