A cup of Christmas tea with Mary Mother of Jesus

Dec 12, 2022

Stephanie invites us to  join her for a cup of Christmas tea alongside Mary the mother of Jesus. Let us ponder her life and legacy. Starting at he Annunciation (when the Angel told her the news of Jesus' impending arrival!), she lived a journey to faith, of faith, and in faith. How can we emulate this hero of our faith? 

Her journey to faith is marked with reasonable questions, born of ignorance. We are so grateful God does not condemn us for ignorance! Unlike Zaechariah, Mary didn't exhibit unbelief--only ignorance. She chose to embrace that which she may not completely understand, though she tried to understand as much as she could. This role-models a healthy balance of faith and knowledge! 

Her journey of faith is marked with a deep rooting in Scripture, and flavored with deep joy and profound astonishment at being a part of God's plan--again, something we are invited to emulate! When was the last time you were astonished to be a Christian? We are called to daily rejoice that we are part of the Body of Christ. Joyful disbelief is the trademark of the grateful heart in Christ.

Her journey in faith involves a movement from her intellect to her heart and emotions. She chooses painful grace in surrender.

Jesus offers to incarnate in our lives too. How can He be born in you and in me today? What does Mary teach us about surrendering and inviting the Son to be born in our lives?

Finally, Mary ponders all manner of things --events, people, Scripture, her Son's life, as well as her own practicaly daily life too. In doing so, she invites us to the same. 

The message of Christmas is at the very least that God has come to dwell with you and with me--within, indeed.

Let us rejoice, give Him glory, and delight in Him today and forever!


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