The hallmark of a balanced life.
How do we nurture rest amidst our busy lifestyle?


Stephanie leads us on a journey to experience a fresh measure of rest and a deeper revelation of God's goodness. Discover how delighting in God, even in the midst of challenges, can bring true strength and victory.
If you're currently facing restlessness, discontent, or anxiety, don't fret or worry. Remember that God is in control, and He is not surprised by whatever challenges you face. Trust in Him and find rest in His love and provision. 
We pray that the Holy Spirit will bring transformative rest into your life. Our desire is for you to experience the peace and freedom that comes from surrendering your burdens to Jesus.
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– Josetta A.


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REST | The hallmark of a balanced life

 Summer is coming to an end, and busyness returns as the fall season settles upon us. We live in a fast-paced world where rest is elusive, and even frowned upon—especially once summer is over. What if, instead, intentional rest in Christ was the secret to launch a lifetime of delight in God, regardless of seasons? As summer makes way for the busyness of the fall season, Gospel Spice invites you to embrace a lifestyle of rest by experiencing the presence of God amidst your busy life.

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