Bonjour! Stephanie here. I invite you through this new Gospel Spice series to embrace the French language and culture for a fresh explosion of faith! Join me to experience the beauty of Scripture in French, transcending linguistic barriers to explore the depths of faith and intimacy with God.


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Journey with Stephanie through Scripture, in French, even if you are completely unfamiliar with the language. This unusual approach aims to deepen the understanding of Scripture beyond its literal translation, incorporating the essence of French culture, literature, and gastronomy to enrich the spiritual experience. By unpacking Scripture through the lens of French language and culture, the series aims to reveal unexpected facets of Jesus and his teachings, inspiring you to approach your faith with newfound vigor.


Over the next three months, each episode of the series will focus on a French word or expression to draw out deeper intimacy with Jesus, encouraging prayer, reflection, and introspection. The series aims to not only aid in understanding who Jesus is and what he has done for each one of us; it will also provide insights into who we are in his eyes and the purpose to which we are called in our lives.
There is a lot more than just listening. You are invited to embark on a comprehensive spiritual journey through the accompanying guidebook. This resource contains listening guides, thought-provoking questions, recommended research topics, key takeaways, and sections designed for deep reflection and journaling. The experience can be pursued individually, with friends, or in a small group. You choose how to experience your journey!
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As the series unfolds, we invite you on an in-depth exploration of your faith through language and culture. From uncovering the depths of the French language to embracing God's invitations through a Christ-like response, the journey promises to kindle in your heart a fresh passion for faith and an unwavering love for Christ. So, embrace the beauty of hope, love, and joy, responding to God's call with a resounding "oui" – a wholehearted and joyous affirmation of faith, reverence, and surrender.
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