In the Footsteps of Jesus

October 5th to November 16th

You are invited to join Stephanie on this virtual tour of First-Century Israel in the footsteps of Jesus! 
On her very first visit to the Holy Land, Stephanie had but one goal: to walk where Jesus walked, to see the sights and skylines He saw, to touch the stones He touched, and to experience His words where He initially taught them. Scripture has never been more real and alive to her than since she experienced Jesus in Jerusalem and in Galilee. And now, she invites you to do the same!
From the comfort of your own home, you will discover the key places of the ministry of Jesus as Stephanie teaches from Scripture and provides an abundance of resources and insights straight from her recent experience.
She will share about special moments, like when she experienced a delightful, summer-drenched pine forest scent that might have been a familiar and favorite to Jesus as a child. She will invite you to one of his favorite childhood vistas, or tell you why Galileans were especially impressed with the gleaming white stones of Jerusalem.
She will show you what it must have been like to walk on the Emmaus Road with Jesus, and how the Judean wilderness inspired David to write the Psalms that point us to Jesus today.
You will leave this study with a firm grasp of the key places where Jesus walked, taught, and ministered. Most of all, you will fall in love with your Savior all over again as you meet Him on the slopes of Jerusalem and the plateaus of Galilee. You will sense His presence, hear His gentle whispers through Scripture, and experience His beautiful peace
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If you have been to Israel before, this will be a sweet trip down memory lane and will remind you of key places with fresh insights into Jesus’ life and ministry. You might even discover something new and exciting!


If you are planning a trip to Israel, this is the absolute must-watch series to be ready for your life-changing trip!


If you have never been to Israel, this is the best alternative! You will leave the series feeling like you were there and, most importantly, you will experience and know Jesus in deeper, fresh ways.


Dates | October 5 to November 16, 2023
The 7 sessions will air over 6 weeks,
from October 5 to November 16, 2023.
The pre-recorded video sessions will be available until
February 28, 2024 if you miss any of them,
or wish to revisit them.

Your Virtual Travel Schedule
We will have a full travel schedule, so get ready for quite the virtual adventure! Here is what to expect: 
  • Session 1 | Overview of our upcoming virtual trip to Israel
  • Session 2 | Welcome to Jerusalem
  • Session 3 | The Passion: Walk with Jesus from the Upper Room to Golgotha
  • Session 4 | Know Jerusalem as if you’ve been there
  • Session 5 | Daily ministry on the shores of the Lake of Galilee
  • Session 6 | Mountaintop experiences around Galilee
  • Session 7 | From Mount Carmel to the Dead Sea: Looking forward to the Future from Revelation

How much does the study cost?

$10 per person covers all 7 video sessions, the workbook, and the weekly Lives with Stephanie and the group. 

Gospel Spice will donate 100% of your payment to Christian organizations that fight human trafficking. It’s like you are multiplying your investment: first, it serves you, and then it serves the least of these in the Name of Jesus!

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Key Takeaways
As a result of this study, you will know and love Jesus more deeply. You will:
  • feel like you just spent six weeks in the footsteps of Jesus, as one of His disciples;
  • develop new insights into some of His key teachings, based on context and history;
  • read your Bible as for the first time to meet Him there anew;
  • experience Scripture with a fresh, deep understanding of key geographical features and landscapes that affected Jesus’ ministry.
Cover the content weekly at your own pace, and join the weekly optional Lives for conversation, fellowship and Q&A with Stephanie and her special guests. 
Each week, we will provide the following. 
  • a new teaching video to watch at your convenience;
  • a weekly Live in a private Facebook group with Stephanie and other Gospel Spice team members to connect, ask all your questions, and share deeper insights;
  • a comprehensive workbook (for each session: listening guides, questions, topics to go deeper, key takeaways, and much more)
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Frequently Asked Questions
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