A Gospel-spiced Christmas


We are so glad to celebrate the most special time of the year with you.

We have a few gifts for you to celebrate the birth of our King… they are not gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but we hope they will lead you to Jesus all the same.

First, this bonus content video from Stephanie invites you to experience Christmas with fresh spices and flavors.


Second, anticipate Jesus' dwelling with a 5-day Gospel Spice Christmas devotional.

Taste the spices of the gospel, the good news of Jesus increasingly born into your life.

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And here is our third gift to you as you celebrate this holiday season.

The Gospel-Spice Christmas Wallpapers to add to your desktop or phone. Enjoy this warm reminder of our King Jesus. Fill out the form below to receive an email with the downloadable backgrounds.

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There's more! Here is our brand new Gospel-Spiced Christmas Merch.

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Last but certainly not least... Here is our entire series of Christmas episodes from the Gospel Spice Podcast.

There are over 20 episodes to choose from (Stephanie's teachings or guests), so that you can curate your very own Christmas experience, always centered on Christ. Click HERE for the full list, or below for a sample: