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We live in a world that tells us we can be anything we want. But is that even something we should wish for? What if our greatest freedom came, not from choosing who we are, but from embracing the fullness of who God made us to be? And what if God had wired us to be our freest, best selves when we become who Jesus says we are in Him? Finally, what if it took one another to discover more fully who we are in Christ, and who He is in us?  

This fall, Gospel Spice invites you to walk alongside unexpected companions from Scripture who have discovered freedom in their God-given identity. They have dared to answer Jesus’ question to them “who do you say that I AM?” and, in the process, have heard Him answer their own question to Him – “Jesus, who do YOU say that I am?”


What you will leave this study with

  • An intimate knowledge of the lives of 12 key heroes of the faith – 6 from the Old Testament and 6 from the New Testament.
  • A deeper ability to link the Old Testament and the New Testament in fresh, unexpected ways
  • A comfortable familiarity with the Old Testament (especially if it scares you a little!)
  • Keys for you to answer Jesus’s question to you: “who do you say that I AM?”
  • Keys to hear Jesus’ answer to your question to Him, “Jesus, who do YOU say that I am?”

Dates + Location

When? From October 3 to November 18 (6 weeks, 7 sessions) - The time/dates of the live lessons on the closed Facebook group will be announced shortly.
Where? Private Facebook group – you will receive an invitation to join upon signing up.


What to expect each week

This is a humble, small-scale, no-frills, just-give-me-Jesus kind of Bible study. You will get:

  • A weekly live Bible study teaching by Stephanie – you will be able to access it later as a recording.
  • A live conversation following the lesson each week – available only live after the lesson.
  • Membership in the closed Facebook group where it will all be happening
  • Conversation throughout the week with Stephanie, other Gospel Spice moderators, and the other participants
  • A simple listening guide to take notes during the lesson
  • A few simple questions to use during your own quiet time with God in the days following the lesson
  • A few suggested Bible verses to ponder or memorize if you want to go deeper.



What is unique about this study?

Imagine a conversation between, for example, Jacob and Peter about Jesus Christ. And then, imagine joining in the conversation to share your own perspective! 


We will approach the pages of Scripture each week by comparing and contrasting one person from the Old Testament with one person from the New Testament in order to draw parallels from their lives and experiences that we can then apply to our own lives. Of course, the Old Testament person has never technically met Jesus, but the pages of the Old Testament are replete with prophecies and types of Christ to point us to Him. So, each week, we are inviting an unexpected pair of biblical heroes around a coffee date, and we let them chat about their own personal life experience and how it reveals God. 


We will find that our own experience of Jesus Christ will echo theirs in more ways than one! By the end of our time together, we will be able to give a fuller answer to Jesus’ question to each one of us—“who do you say that I AM?” We will also be able to hear His answer to our own question to Him—”Jesus, who do You say that I am?”

We are intentionally choosing unexpected pairs from Scripture – someone from the Old Testament and someone from the New Testament that you may never before have thought to pair up. It will keep things spicy and interesting! 


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As with everything Gospel Spice, this study is completely free. Space is limited because we want to create an intimate atmosphere to grow and learn together, and interact live during conversation time.

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